TBEY’s photographer Paul Beck, who has done so much for us and continues to produce great work recently did an interview with our social media and marketing intern. You can find out more about Mr. Beck at http://pbphoto.webs.com/ or find him on Facebook.

This is Part 1 of the interview:

Q: What made me want to be a Photographer?

A: Well I guess I sort of evolved into a photographer. I always liked art and could draw halfway decent when I put my mind to it, I really liked Architecture and buildings growing up. But I was also good at math and thus I went to school for Architectural Engineering. It allowed me to do some drawing and design. Eventually I took a job in Construction and I was no longer designing as much as I used to so I needed and artistic outlet. I can’t play an instrument and while I think I can sing I am pretty certain others do not. I started playing around with photography like most people do… friends and stuff and occasionally someone would comment on a landscape photo or some other nature shot I took. I realized I had an “eye” for it so I spent more time taking photos until someonme to take photos of them and I became a “photographer”. I have learned a lot since then and wish I could do some stuff over but ope to never stop learning and improving.

Q: What Kind of photographer am I?

A: HMMMMM….. I really do not know. I like to take pictures that people like. I started doing nature photography and I still love that and do it as much as I can. I do a number of family portraits and have done a few weddings. I have shot a lot of events as well. I have not done High Fashion or much Glamour, but I have done a number of shoots for a charity calendar. Like Doctors, Photographers tend to be specialists in a given area, but also like doctors there are some general practitioners. I guess at this point I like to dabble in a little bit of everything.

Q: How long have I been a Photographer?

A: Well I guess it depends on the definition. I started taking photos as a kid probably with a little 110 camera or disposables. I remember a polaroid. I was never serious and don’t have any of those, but my first “client” shoot was about 2006. I had been doing nature photographer for my own pleasure since somewhere around 2000 when I bought my first digital camera, but nothing professional or serious. So short answer is about 7 years, but honestly the first couple years were more experimental and not too serious and I was using sub-par equipment.

Q: What is my favorite thing about being a photographer?

A: Making people happy! I like to capture a scene or a moment in time that people can relate to. I like the interaction with people even if it does not seem like it all the time. People are fun, but can be a challenge and making people happy is awesome!!! Sometimes the challenge beats me and sometimes I get so-so shots and sometimes I get awesome shots. I like finding and being able to create the awesome shots.

The second part of the interview will be posted later in the week. Thank you for reading!