TBEY’s photographer Paul Beck, who has done so much for us and continues to produce great work recently did an interview with our social media and marketing intern. You can find out more about Mr. Beck at http://pbphoto.webs.com/ or find him on Facebook.

Part 2:

Q: How/when did I connect with TBEY?

A: In 2010 a friend got involved with TBEY. I don’t recall exactly how she got involved but she did and since we had collaborated on a few other projects she asked me to help her shoot photos with her. Honestly it was her gig in 2010 so I followed her lead. In 2011 I took more on and got more involved and have continued to be more active with TBEY and the kids…. as much as I can anyway.

Q:What are some things I can say about TBEY?

A: Hmmm….. Those people are crazy! Seriously, I love my TBEY family and yes I say Family…. I am “Uncle” Paul now. I am one of them. I am not just the dude that shows up to take pictures at the show. I interact with the kids in rehearsals and am allowed to do that. They actually ask my input at times which is a great honor. I think TBEY is an amazing asset to the Milwaukee committee and wish more people knew about it!! There is so much that needs to be said about TBEY to people for them to understand that TBEY is needed and has so much to offer the kids of this city! TBEY is for everyone!!! I understand how and why Contessa started it, but I think it has grown to be so much more. I am amazed by Contessa and her vision at such a young age starting TBEY. I am amazed by the young talent I see every year as well!! Contessa, Debra, Myesha, and Chancie all do a great job!!

Q: What did I think of the Dance Concert?

A: OH boy!… Well, I was taking photos so while I was there I am doing my best to concentrate on the dancers and getting the best shots possible. At times I am concentrating on one specific area or dancer and therefore I lose the feel of the entire piece. I get to a lot of the rehearsals so I know what is going on. I am always impressed with the dancers and how they pull it all together for the final performance. And yes, because I have developed a relationship with most of the kids in some way, I am proud to see them performing. It is also really great to see the guest performers as I don’t know their routines and it keeps me on my toes! I think adding the guest performers is great. It helps more of the community come together and is a chance for different dancers to see what the other one is doing. I am always happy t see the final performance because everyone is giving their all and the energy is ramped up just that much more. It makes for a great night! I wish more people got to see what the Milwaukee youth can do and how much talent we have in this town!