We had a busy summer. Check out a recap of our adventures.

TBEY’s Summer Art Exploration Camp came and went with much success. Over 30 students participated in hands on training and got to explore different concepts in each art form. The Summer Art Exploration Camp also enabled students to explore other art backgrounds through working with guest artists working in African drumming and dancing, Hawaiian dancing, music production, DJ’ing, and attending and a field trip to the Black Historical Society Museum.

Both TBEY Summer Arts Camps wrapped up with a display of all the children’s training and work. The Art camp students were able to present their work to parents, friends, and family as it hung up on the walls of TBEY. Member participating in the Dance Camp presented their work in TBEY’s 10th Annual “A Journey Through Dance” Concer.. All in all, TBEY’s 2018 Summer Art Exploration Camp was a huge success and many thanks is given to all the families who participated and worked hard this summer. Your effort is appreciated and we can’t wait to see the success that next year is going to bring about.