We are inviting TBEY Students to enroll in our Fall After School Art Program in November and December. We have two special projects planned for Dance and Visual Art. Below are the new projects we are offering in preparation for winter. That’s right! Students will be creating winter-themed projects in these unique group-based projects. We will be hosting video presentations of each project just in time for the holiday break.

November 2 – December 9

Ages 9-19


A Wonderland of Our Own (Visual Art)

Tuesdays and Thursdays


This fall students will be creating their own Winter Wonderland theme and story. The project will be a collaborative work in which students will be using clay, paper, acrylic paint, and boards as a medium to create a landscape. Students will learn how to plan the layout of the landscape and design 3-D houses. Each student will be responsible for the task given to them and use their creativity to collaborate with other students in the class.


We Came to Sleigh (DANCE)



This dance project is a small performance opportunity for TBEY dancers to utilize their dance skills to learn video production process. Teaching artists will  work with students to develop choreography to create a group dance video. The students will be putting a Hip Hop spin on a Winter theme.