We are seeking youth (ages 10 – 19) to be a part of our theatre production “Doc, Doc…. Goose” this spring.

Rehearsals will begin mid-March, meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-7:00PM. Performance dates are set for June 3rd and 4th, 2022

To accommodate social distancing, auditions will be scheduled in 30 mins timeslots for groups of five or less. Please call 414.562.TBEY if you have questions about audition timeslots.

Audition Timeslots:

March 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th and9th  5pm-7:30pm



Audition Process
In order to follow safety protocols, TBEY is limiting the amount of actors/actresses in the studio at a time. All auditionees should come with a maximum of three characters they would like to audition for. This will help ensure how to best maximize the short time frame that we have for these scenes. Groups will be selected, who will then have five to a maximum of ten minutes of independent work time before being called to the studio to perform the scene.

Scenes may be cut shorter due to time constraints by the directors. This is not a sign of the quality of the performance, but merely a way to ensure that everyone who needs to be seen for roles is seen. We ask that actors/actresses stay for the duration of the audition in order to fill in for missing characters within the scene. There will be a warmup at the beginning of the auditions, so that the auditionees are warmed up prior to their audition. This warmup will be quick so it is recommended that actors/actresses perform their own warm-ups prior to auditions. After warmups, a quick overview of the audition will take place, along with splitting kids into their groups. After that, groups will have independent time and then be called one at a time to audition for the directors.

We are looking forward to seeing our new cast and getting started with rehearsals! Remember the directors want to see everyone succeed, so come with an enthusiastic attitude, can do spirit, but all have fun!

Practice Before You Arrive

You may choose more than one character. Please select the scene for your character to practice before your audition, here. https://tinyurl.com/audsides. Below are the cast of characters you may audition for.


# of lines

DR. GOOSE  competent, compassionate doctor of Nurseryland 147
NURSE GOSLING easily flustered assistant to Dr. Goose 96
MAC DONALD, JR. has a farm 11
COW has trouble with her calf  n/a
CROOKED MAN a chiropractic case 19
WEE WILLIE WINKIE runs through the town 15
JACK B. NIMBLE an accident-prone daredevil 30
JACK SPRAT a health food nut 28
WIFE can eat no lean 26
POLLY lives for tea 13
QUEEN OF HEARTS a sugar fiend 13
GOLDILOCKS a juvenile delinquent 35
JACK looks a little “pail” 3
JILL his sister 8
DR. ZHIVAGO  runs Storybook Land Medical Center 23