TBEY Arts Center presents Doc, Doc… Goose

Just think about those old-fashioned nursery rhymes and it’s easy to see why Mother Goose went to medical school and opened up a clinic in Nurseryland. There’s no “happily ever after” here! These poor nursery rhyme characters are plagued with freak accidents! A typical morning in Dr. Goose’s clinic includes a cow with a sore calf from moon-jumping, a crooked man wanting chiropractic adjustment, a daredevil who burns his seat jumping over candles, and a blonde juvenile delinquent who breaks into bears’ houses. With the help of her assistant, Nurse Gosling, Dr. Goose even runs nutritional support groups and aerobics classes for a man who eats no fat and his opposite wife, a tea-guzzling girl named Polly and a Queen who craves tarts. But will Dr. Zhivago from Fairy Tale Land close down the clinic? There are three blind mice without tails who sure hope not! Fast-paced with slapstick humor and silly situations, this imaginative weaving of nursery rhymes with modern twists offers something audiences of all ages will enjoy!

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