Registration is open for our 2022-23 After School Arts Program.

Our After School Art Program will be operating online and in-person (limited) for twelve weeks in the Fall and Spring. Participants may choose to get virtual training or work in-person with professional artists to learn new techniques in a variety of mediums, styles and themes. All After School Arts Program participants must have access to internet. Details for accessing our virtual classroom will be emailed to all participants prior to the first day of class.

Fall 2021: November 2 – December 3

All Spring ASAP Classes are FREE!

A Wonderland of Our Own (Visual Art)

Tuesdays and Thursdays


This fall students will be creating their own Winter Wonderland theme and story. The project will be a collaborative work in which students will be using clay, paper, acrylic paint, and boards as a medium to create a landscape. Students will learn how to plan the layout of the landscape and design 3-D houses. Each student will be responsible for the task given to them and use their creativity to collaborate with other students in the class.

We Came to Sleigh (Dance)


5:30PM – 7PM

This dance project is a small performance opportunity for TBEY dancers to utilize their dance skills to learn video production process. Teaching artists will  work with students to develop choreography to create a group dance video. The students will be putting a Hip Hop spin on a Winter theme.

Spring 2021: March 15 – June 3

All Spring ASAP Classes are FREE!

Creative Jazz

(Ages 9-14)


Students will learn proper basic terminology with the focus of performance quality, developing rhythms and improving complex isolations. Class will be structured with center warm up, across the floor and combination choreography.

Objective: Students will learn basic jazz terms, performance quality, develop rhythms and improve isolations with step by step directions.

Intro Ballet

(Ages 9-19)

3:30PM – 4PM

A beginner level ballet class that focuses on basic skill and dance technique. Students will learn about posture, execution, aesthetic, and terminology.

Open-Studio Art

(6th-12th Grades)

Tuesdays and Thursdays
(Schedule Flexible)

Open-Studio Art is a student-centered approach that intersects and compliments traditional teaching. Students create their own innovative approach to the practice of creating art and developing their skills. Students will be showcasing their works in a virtual gallery in Mid-May

  • Students will be engaged in a self-directed art making
  • Assessments will be a one-on-one with the teacher
  • Open-Studio Art is for all levels of learning (Beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Student portfolio assessment to register (3-5 works)