For 2020, TBEY is offering free online art classes. You’re invited to work alongside our Teaching Artists to sharpen your skills with free virtual art workshops. We’ll be sharing videos of our workshops for supporters. No registration necessary – Just choose a class and work at your own pace.


Fall 2020 Virtual Workshops

Visual Art

 Create fun projects using found materials, basic understanding of some drawing techniques and exploring their creativity.

Daniel Cha

Introductory Ballet

Introductory Ballet is a class that exposes students to the art of ballet at a beginner level. Lesson plans for the class are subjected to change depending on the level of students.

Desmond Cotton

Creative Hip Hop

This exciting class will teach students basic hip-hop elements focusing on developing rhythm, coordination, and individual style. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box and embrace self-expression. Classes includes warm up, moving across the floor and various step by step dance styles and combinations from instructor Chancie Cole.

Chancie Cole