A Journey Through Dance 2019

Youth dancers that have performed for AJTD are welcome to join the production for 2021. Returning dancers must submit a short video audition to be considered for AJTD 2021.

The deadline to submit a video is May 27th, 2022

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Prepare a solo combination (any genre of dance) no more than 1 min and 30 seconds. Music must be family-friendly (no profanity, vulgarity, or racial slurs)
  • Check your background and surrounding space. Choose a space that is as empty as possible. Your space should be free of distractions (i.e. noisy siblings). Clear clutter before recording.
  • Make sure your space is well lit and do not aim the camera towards a window.
  • Make sure you are fully in the video frame for your entire performance.
    Record your video horizontally or in landscape mode. If possible use a tripod to steady the camera.
  • Acceptable video formats are: MOV, MP4, M4V, WMV, or other similar easily accessible formats.
  • State your name, grade and school name in the video.

If you have issues with this form, please contact Myesha Cole via email. myesha@tbey.org.