1. BE ON TIME. Doors will be locked at 6:15PM. It is important that we start right away to stretch and warm-up. This is very important. (If you are going to be late or miss practice please contact Contessa. If you are late or miss practice without notice or excuse you will get points taken away. You have a total of 3 points for the 3 months).

2. Come to practice prepared to dance, wearing comfortable dance attire and clothes.

3. NO GUEST. Please DO NOT bring friends, siblings, cousins, etc.

4. No Fighting/Arguing. Fighting will imediately eliminate you from the dance production and TBEY Dance Team. This is NOT TOLERATED AT ALL!

5. Please bring your own towel and water bottle.

6. TBEY is NOT responsible for your personal belongings. Please be responsible and keep up with your belongings.

7. Please DO NOT get angry when choreographers critique your dancing. They are there to help you be your best. Taking constructive criticism is very important.

8. Please STAY POSITIVE! We are here to do our best, prepare for an amazing show and have FUN!

9. Parents please pick-up your child(ren) on time. Rehearsals end at 9:30pm.